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Home Nyhedsarkiv Seminar on sep. 05, 2011: How to prevent extremism?

Seminar on sep. 05, 2011: How to prevent extremism?

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On the 3rd september 2011 a large seminar on the topic “How to prevent extremism were held at the Oslo Kongres Center (Folkets Hus) in Oslo, Norway.

The purpose of this seminar was to highlight the importance of how to prevent extremism. The subject was very topical as we have seen what kind of tragedy hit the Norwegian society on the 22nd July 2011.

Around 500-600 people attended this seminar among them were representatives of Minhaj ul Quran International European countries (Denmark, Italy, France, Holland) as well as people from other organizations in Norway.

The seminar started out with having one minute silence in respect of the victims of 22nd July 2011.

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