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European Peace Conference 2012 report

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European Peace Conference 2012

Tivoli Congress Center, Copenhagen

Sunday 9th September 2012

The conference was opened by the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran in the melodious voice of Qari Allah Baksh Naqshbandi.

MWF representative Mr. Adnan Sohail and secretary-general of MQI Denmark Mr. Bilal Uppal gave a presentation on Minhaj Welfare Foundation and the efforts of Shaykh ul Islam in propagating charity. They spoke about Shaykh Ul Islam as being the torch-bearer of our time, in regards to looking after the needs of the poor and the rights of minorities. A presentation was given on the various projects and activities currently underway around the world, under the aegis of Minhaj Welfare Foundation.. The audience was given an insight into the numerous MWF humanitarian projects currently running and are being established, including the Aghosh project and the newly launched Bait-ul-Zahra project in Pakistan.

Mrs. Khadijah Atkinson spoke to the gathering about Shaykh ul Islams work and efforts for womens rights and the rights of minorities. She explained how Shaykh ul Islam has always been at the forefront in the struggle of fighting for the rights of women, and how he has always tried to change the hearts and minds of people through education, and thereby fighting against major issues such as forced marriages, and cultural traditions which have no basis in Islam and Quran.

MQI’s fight for the rights of women is reflected by the organisational structure of MQI, as they are represented in every council, body and department of the MQI organisation.

She explained how interfaith dialogue on the Indian subcontinent, initiated by Shaykh ul Islam, has developed into close relations between MQI and communities of other faiths and religions.

She ended her talk by telling the audience how Shaykh Ul Islam has always and continues to propagate the classical teachings of the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Holy Prophet S.A.W.

After her talk Minhaj Naat Coumcil lead by Qari Zaheer Ahmed, recited beautiful nasheed.

In the midst of the recitation, Shaykh Ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri arrived amongst standing ovations, clapping and loud cheers.

Mr. Zahid Iqbal started by welcoming all delegations from across Eurrope. He continued by telling the crowd about Shaykh ul Islams intellectual and spiritual efforts for the Muslim Ummah. He explained how Shaykh ul Islam has throughout his life fought against misconceptions and misinterpretations of the Holy Quran and Hadeeth and always tried to give the Muslim youth and youngsters, the true picture of Islam and spread the Islamic message of peace and harmony.

Mr. Zahid Iqbal continued to explain how Shaykh ul Islam has almost single-handedly revived the spiritual dimension of Islam. His efforts on interfaith dialogue is unprecedented. He is the biggest benefactor for Christian communities and people of other faiths in Pakistan.

He ended his talk by encouraging people to follow in the footsteps of Shaykh ul Islam.

The president of MQI Denmark Mr. Syed Mahmood Shah addressed the gathering by congratulating everyone on the successful events held in Denmark under the Tackling Radicalism Tour 2012. Syed Mahmood Shah praised Shaykh Ul Islam for his unprecedented efforts in the struggle for peace and interfaith dialogue. He continued to say that Shaykh ul Islam has worked and spoken on all fields and aspects of life in order to give a clarification of the code of conduct taught by Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Muslims and non-Muslims across the world are currently benefiting from Shaykh ul Islams teachings, and their knowledge and wisdom.

The presidents of the MQI centres of Denmark:

Mr. Moazzam Butt; Mr. Hafiz Sajjad Ahmed; Mr. Zahid Mahmood Kiyani ; Mr. Raja Akbar

received the shield awarded to MQI Denmark for their accomplishments in recent years and purchase and establishment of the new MQI HQ in Denmark.

Mr. Mohammed Jamil presented a beautiful nasheed, spell-binding the audience.

Mr. Nadeem Younis invited Shaykh ul Islam to deliver their talk to the anxiously-awaiting audience.

Shaykh Ul Islam started the talk by classing the conference as being of immense importance for Muslim and non-Muslims, youths and youngsters.

Shaykh ul Islam extended his hearty congratulations to all executives and members of MQI DK, on arranging and conducting such successful, a series of conferences, seminars and events. He ranked the entire tour as being historic of its kind.  He mentioned the entire tour as being extremely professional. As the capacity of the venue had now been reached, screens had been deployed outside the congress hall, in order to enable latecomers to follow the proceedings on tv-monitors.

Shaykh ul Islam noted that in the society there are individuals who are of extreme radical thoughts and they darken the true face of religion and giving it a bad name. He went on to explain that terrorism has no religion and in order to combat terrorism all religions and faiths must come together.

He explained that the world today seeks peace, whereas Islam has gone far beyond peace. Islam teaches not only of peace but also of mercy and compassion.

Shaykh ul Islam explained how the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) not only came as a mercy for Muslims or human beings, but for all mankind and every living creature. It is therefore the duty of every Muslim and believer in the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) to exercise the same mercy and love to every human being and living creature.

Shaykh ul Islam explained that there are some very important incidents in the Holy Prophets SAW life, which demonstrates that he was a mercy for all.

Shaykh ul Islam said that the message of peace was not given in Islam by anyone else but from the Divine revelations from Allah SWT.

The message of peace, love and co-existence and democratic values was not given from Socrates or Aristotle nor was it a concept recently invented. It is rather the message given by the holy Prophet (S.A.W) 1500 years ago.

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) taught us which things to stay away from and which things were permissible. He taught us the rights of women, and the rights of the poor, and the rights of the weak in the society. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W)  taught mankind human values. He spoke up against injustices in society, and inhumane values and conducts of life.

Shaykh ul Islam went on to tell the crowds, that if you wish to present the true face of Islam; The face of peace, mercy, tranquillity, and beautiful values, then every person must become an example of the Seerah of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). We must become peaceful, loving, compassionate, merciful, and people of extreme beautiful character.

He continued to say that Islam stands for peace, kindness, gentleness, compassion, love, and harmony. In a changing world the teachings of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)  do not change. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) always stood up like a great mountain, in the face of every form of terrorism, killing, brutality, injustice, and harshness,

The reason why Islam is becoming targeted and is depicted as an extremist religion is due to misguided youngsters and youths who have misinterpreted and misunderstood Islam and Quranic teachings.

Shaykh ul Islam, while explaining the extent of peaceful conduct of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), explained how every war and battle fought against Madinah in the time of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), were all fought as defensive battles. Not a single time, was a war initiated by the Muslims.

The acts of peace, love, mercy, and forgiveness performed by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), is unprecedented in the history of mankind, and a similar example can not be found.

Speaking on womens rights, Shaykh ul Islam explained that Islam has granted equal rights to men and women. He also described how the Holy Prophet SAW practiced the equal rights of women through their matrimonial life.

Speaking on the rights of non-Muslims, Shaykh ul Islam explained how Islam granted all religions the right to worship and practice their own religion according to their own customs and traditions.

In the early days, wherever Islam was spread to, minorities and non-Muslim were always granted safety and security under the rule of Muslims, and as proved through the Prophetic traditions, even animal rights were granted by Islam.

Concluding their talk, Shaykh ul Islam urged youths, Muslims and non-Muslims, media officials, and governments, to study and understand the true Islam. To propagate the beautiful face of Islam and remove all misinterpretations and misconceptions of Islam.

Shaykh ul Islam explained that his message is always peace and dialogue..

Shaykh ul Islam asked youths and youngsters to change their personalities, to be in accordance with the life of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W); to change their lives and become beautiful in their appearances and in their inner selves; to be kind and compassionate to everyone, to be just and truthful, to observe prayer, and weep in remembrance and yearning of Allah (SWT)

The conference ended with dua by Shaykh ul Islam.

Report by Faisal Najeeb


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